We are a customer-centered company, and our business strategy is designed to benefit our valued customers through discounts, sales campaigns, and loyalty programs.

You must log in to your account while buying on Daad Shop to get rewarded. Only 

For logged-in users


Buy and get rewards on every purchase.*


Save reward pints upto 5 % **


Redeem reward points and enjoy $ discounts

The minimum threshold to earn points is $10 or equivalent and Order related points waiting period. Gift cards, products on sale, and discounts are not included.

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Any item you purchase on the daad shop is rewarded with points that are automatically added to your account. These credits can be viewed in the dashboard under “store credits” and used during checkout while shopping. Credit points can be redeemed before they expire.

The price points earned ratio is $10 and get 200 Points to the price redeemed ratio.

For example:

Point Earning: The ratio of points earned for each $ spent. Example: A ratio of 1 means 1 point is earned for every $1.00 spent. A ratio 5 means 5 points are earned for every $1.00 spent.

Redemption: worth of each point. Example: A points-to-price redeemed ratio of 1 means 1 point is worth $1.00.A ratio of 10 means 10 points is worth $1.00.

In our case: 

Earning ratio of $1 = 10 points, then 200 points to $1 store credit as the redeem ratio. Example transaction: $100 spent = 1000 points, then 1000 points / 200 = $5

Earn 10 points on each dollar spent and redeem (Min. 10000 up to Max. 100000) Daad rewards in purchase to get approximately( as per Policy) $5 for 200 Daad rewards.

Role Restrictions: Company employees are not allowed to accumulate rewards.

Note: Business needs determine whether the loyalty program policy changes below or above the set threshold.

The minimum points allowed for redemption is 10000, Maximum points allowed for each store credits redemption is 100000. Points expire after 182 days of inactivity, and Points expiry messages are available in your store credit.

Messages: You will get Points to earn messages in the cart and checkouts.

In addition, the company reserves the right to make modifications, changes in policies, closings, or changes in the reward scheme without prior notice.

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