Frequently Asked Questions; FAQs

We offer free deliveries worldwide but on demand, we can arrange paid fast deliveries as well for paid & fast delivery please Contact customer care for more information.

Under local label with our partners services, we deliver free and fast form our local facilities.

We are using all secure and encrypted payment methods like Google pay, Strip, PayPal, and Amazon Pay, and accepting all debit and credit cards.

Note: We can’t see your debit/credit card data and we don’t save it.

As we are delivering globally, many parts of the world are not well developed and depend on country to country. Usually, it takes 2 to 4 weeks. Faster and safer delivery services are available through paid services.

The security and privacy of your information are particularly important to us. During transmission, your information is encrypted by payment security system. You won’t find your information on our site, and your information won’t be sold to third parties. Read our privacy policy.

The moment you submit an order, we receive a sales alert and an invoice sent to your mail to confirm receiving your payment and order. On the other hand, our sales team starts working with operations to confirm inventory and prepare an inspection call for a quality check as described. After quality inspection, we confirm and issue a tracking number. which can be seen in orders “My Account” section.

Our payment receipts are sent with every order, and if someone does not receive them, we send them as soon as possible. Your receipts will also indicate if any tax has been collected.

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