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Daad Selling Program


Be a part of a global selling team- Sell With Daad

“By planning and optimizing global supply chains, we can save global resources, promote circular economies, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”


Daad Global Shop

A place for manufacturers, whole-sellers, merchants, and product owners. 

If you have a dream to accomplish, and a passion to sell and grow, Join Daad selling program and sell to take your business level up.

We are partnering with the world’s best B2B platforms, 3PL Services, digital solution companies, and logistics service providers to optimize the global supply chain.

Sell Best Quality Products and Services

If you have quality products or have an idea to sell products that deliver value to our global community then here is a place where we all work for dreams together.

Daad Ecom-Services

  • Daad Fulfillment Services (DFS)
  • Daad Dropshipping (DD)
  • Daad Deliver by Merchant (DDM)

We are Customer-driven Company

Our business strategies and policies are designed to meet the needs of our valued customers, and we offer high-quality products and services at competitive prices.

Keep in touch

We are opening for vendor registration process soon for the USA, PAK, UAE, and other countries with fulfillment services and Dropshiping services through our global business partners.

Legal Entities:

Daad Business Global Institute LLC | Delaware | USA

Daad Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | ISB | Pakistan

Daad Ecommerce Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | UK

Daad Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd | UAE (under process)

We are developing vendor approval processes, best-selling policies that suit and protect sellers, and highly controlled digital operational processes through digital technology.